Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 84: Decisions

I don't know what it is about bad decisions that it's just easier and easier to make them once you get started on the trend. But that's how it is! And when I think about it, it's really the same way with good decisions! I already said yesterday, how was having a really hard week... but it seriously is like Wednesday started off my bad week because it was my anniversary and I didn't count calories... and then the next day I did really good. And Fridays and Saturdays are always some of the toughest days of my week. I don't want you to get the impression that I blew my calorie budget out or anything like that... but, like I said before, I can't do my diet like some other people can. Some people can be on the 'eat whatever you want' diet, as long as they stay under a calorie goal. But no, it can't be that simple for me. I have to make conscious, good decisions. But this week I have been eating things that I know I shouldn't have been eating as long as they say within my calories. And that just isn't working for me, my body is retaining fluid now, good job Honor!

So today after church I had to go get gas. And, even before I went into the store I had to have a plan. I decided, I was going to go in and get a diet Coke and a bag of Sun chips, and then get my gas and go. So I go into the gas station and the first thing that hits me is the smell of delicious, tasty pizza. Okay Honor, you have to be strong here, so I passed up the pizza... then there's the donut case… I really have to fight with my brain a lot when it comes to temptation. Because my first thought was, to buy two doughnuts and eat them, and no one would ever know. The problem with that scenario is that I would know. And I cannot run away from my conscious. So I went ahead and passed up those donuts too, got my soda and chips and got out of there with my dignity intact!

I honestly think that because I made good choices there at the gas station when I was tempted the most today, that that set the mood for me to have a really good day. Calorie wise, I've probably had the best day I have all week today. And now, I am headed to work out with my momma. :-)

Have a good night!
<3 Honor

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