Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 91: Donut Holes are the devil!

I started my day out great! I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, I went to church, had a great time there! Then I dropped by the gas station for a diet coke (I didn't even have one yesterday) and some Sun Chips...yea things were great! I even passed up the donut shelf again...even though my mouth was watering for them! And then it was time to head to work...and then it happened...I pulled in to my favorite donut place and got some donut holes. I ate them with tears in my eyes (pitiful!) and as soon as I stopped, I felt DISGUSTING! My stomach started head started hurting (bad) and I was miserable!! I went on to work and was there maybe 15 minutes before I had to run to the bathroom to be sick. Wow. That's craziness right?! And let me tell ya...I was reminded ALL DAY LONG of how STUPID that rash decision was!! I skipped lunch...primarily because I used my lunch calories on the donut holes, but also because I was still really nauseated! Here it is 8:00 at night and I'm STILL feeling yucky! So, needless to more donut holes! Possibly ever!

Other than that my day was pretty good! I was nice and busy at work. Had great kids and families and ha some great sales! And on my lunch break I got some fruit and a juicer and can't WAIT to try that out! I'm starting with fruit, because I know I like fruit :) and then I'm planning to integrate some vegetables juices in to the mix because I DEFINITELY need more GREEN in my diet! And I got to share a lot of my weight-loss knowledge and stories with a really great Chica that is in my Wal-Mary right now for tax time.

So today is Sunday, which means I haven't worked out in two days and always feel Bleh at this point. But it also means I'm headed to work out with my momma after I try to get a bite to eat. :)

Wish me luck!! And have a great night! I get to make another cake between tonight and tomorrow so that will be fun!
<3 Honor


  1. This is the most critical part of the process, Honor...when you are learning your individual boundaries. "No more donut holes! Possibly ever!" May be exactly what works for you!!! Incidentally-- I too have a "No donut holes" policy. I haven't had the negative physical reaction you did---But I just can't make myself trip the trigger...Everyday I drive right by the Daylight Donuts drive through---and I keep driving---I know that one "glazed and raised" is only 140 calories---I know this...And I know it's the best calorie value in the world of donuts, but still---I can count only two, maybe three---I've allowed since September 2008...It's too fast and it doesn't fill me---and it makes me fight myself---Because one of those things always led to another, then 4...Stopping at 1 was crazy difficult---BUT I had to stop, because my calorie budget was non-negotiable--unbreakable...
    You're absolutely rocking this thing, Honor. Have an amazing week!!!!!
    My best--Sean

  2. As I was losing I often found it hard to resist the call of donuts or fast food. Over time though - it does get easier. This lesson is one you will likely never forget! A positive thing about this journey is that once your body gets used to healthier foods - it rebels against the junk!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement!! I knew I wasn't the only one to be tempted, but it sure is nice hearing it!! I don't know why I let myself give in at that moment, I sure did know that it was a bad idea to begin with! But now I have a nice reminder for any future temptations!!