Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 18: Food Addiction

I keep waiting or this day when I wake up a magically don't have any cravings! Ok so reality is...that's NOT going to happen. It's just not. I do believe that it will get easier in time, but it's a slow going process...

Food addiction is like other addictions in many ways. For example, you have cravings, you have urges, and you have withdrawals. But it is also TOTALLY different from other addictions. Imagine a crack addict who is trying to quit. She gets as far away from crack as possible and stays away from people who use. Now imagine if that same person had to quit, but they had to take three puffs from that crack pipe every day and no more. She could never do it!! THAT'S why food addiction is so hard to overcome! You HAVE to have food to stay alive, but if you eat to much, it can kill you! It's a crazy thought...

Today has been ok...physically I feel like Superwoman...but then I catch a glimpse in the mirror and Bleh! It's just really hard to see that huge person staring back at me... People have always told me, "You have a pretty face" or "you have pretty eyes" and ok, I can see that there is some niceness to my features...but I can also see how much fat surrounds my face. I daydream sometimes of how my face will look when I get the weight off. I've never been at a healthy weight, so no one, including myself, knows what I would look like!

I pulled out the measuring tape this morning an found that I've already lost an inch off of my waist and approximately 2-2.5 off of my hips! I really won't know for sure on the hips because a standard tape is 60 inches and my starting was 66.5 on them, so it take ls another person to use a second measuring tape to get it accurate. And that is another one of my goals! To be able to measure my hips with one tape!

So the goals I am coming up on are:

1.) lose more weight than I ever have (36 pounds is the most I've gotten off)
2.) Get back below 300 pounds
3.) lose 6.5 inches in my waist so that I can measure with only one measuring tape.

I have many more. Many, many, MANY more...but I will get there slowly...

Thanks for Reading my dear friends!
<3 Honor

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