Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 19: Scary dreams!

I'm starting to think that I am in a personal fight with my body to lose weight! I've been at this for two and a half weeks and been doing better than I could have ever imagined. But now my body is really starting to kick back from the abuse it has received. My feet are really bothering me (I have plantar fasciitis, which is more commonly known as 'bone spurs' or 'heel spurs') they HURT!! It used to be only one foot, but now it's both. And the saddest part is that the best thing I can do for them is to lose weight. Well thank ya very much! I'm on that!!

Ok, so I am a person who either rarely dreams, or I just can't remember them. Last night I had a dream and actually remembered it and you know what it was about? I dreamt that I had a dislocated elbow from doing the planks and push-ups! Ha!! My brain is even trying to trick me! The funny thing was that the dream was so convincing that I woke up rubbing my arm and thinking for a minute that maybe it really was hurt!

Today was a long day, but managed to survive it! I'm exhausted and feel like I could sleep for a day straight! You always hear of overweight people having trouble sleeping...NOT ME! I could sleep for twelve hours straight!

Have a good night friends!
<3 Honor


  1. Get your sleep in now girlie cause once those kiddos come you won't sleep for a long time! I've had dreams like that before and I kinda think that maybe your arm did have aches your brain was just over reacting a little :) While your body is against you the Devil is after me. I finally got where my shoes were easy to find so the devil made me get sick and I ended up not walking last night. Well with one night not doing something it is so much easier the next day to put it off. I did exercise today and since He knew I would feel better today I had to face our Christmas party at work. I'm not sure myfitness pal really had all the calories there that I ate for lunch so I left a few hundred for the day just to play it safe. Maybe tomorrow He'll leave me alone but I doubt it cause he knows whose side I'm on so I think I scare him :) Keep up the good work! I am 100% positive you could kick my butt on a workout! You are definitely inspirational!

  2. Haha Thanks Olivia! Maybe you need to come see me for a few hours one day in the two weeks after Christmas. :-) I'll be on vacation and we could burn you some crazy calories in the gym!

    I hope the devil leaves you alone tomorrow!!