Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 28: Christmas!

Today is Christmas day and it's all about Jesus and spending time with my family. But I still have my goal at heart. I still am on this journey, even though today is a special day. I decided a few days ago that I wouldn't be strict with myself and pay the consequences tomorrow. :-) One day of being naughty does not mean an end to my journey. But...I still managed to do a pretty good job! I did indulge! I had 5 peanut butter Bon bons and two pieces of fudge! BUT...I still had under 2000 calories. :-) that makes me feel Amazing!

For Christmas my hubby got me Zumba for the Wii and I'm really excited to try it out! I'm hoping it will cure my problem with not working out at home! I know there are other things I can do, I just don't.

On a serious note:
I don't think people who have never battle with obesity realize how difficult it is to inhibit this body. Comments like, "move your big butt" or "I'll sit on your lap, you have plenty of room" may not seem hurtful to them, but to me it's a big slap in the face. Yesterday I heard multiple comments of that nature that weren't meant to be hurtful, but maybe I'm just extra sensitive right now, I'm not sure. But it still hurts. I know that I am a big girl. But I'm still a woman with feelings and my emotions seem to be on a roller-coaster as I dig deeper into this journey.

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