Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 29:Bye-Bye Birdie :(

Tomorrow will be one month since the beginning of my journey and I can't wait for my weigh-in!! I am fully expecting to reach my first goal tomorrow and I'm excited to find out!

The time I got to spend with my family over the Christmas weekend was wonderful. I did indulge a bit yesterday and had some Christmas Candy but stayed disciplined and kept under my calorie goal. I had initially given myself a 2500 calorie goal for each day (Christmas Eve and Christmas Dat) , but I actually managed to stay under 2000 each day!! However, I did pay for my decision to indulge yesterday. Because last night I started feeling awful, and ended up losing my dinner! Alrighty then...lesson learned!

One of my best associates ever is leaving me at work and I'm sad about it! I'm actually eating dinner with her now. She has become one of my close friends and I really hate to see her go! But I definitely can't blame her for leaving. Our Regional planned to demote her to part-time after the first of the year and she has done nothing wrong! They just don't want to give out the hours. :( so I'm losing a really good employee! I'm trying really hard not to stress about work while I'm on vacation, but it's my studio, and even though I have to deal with some crazy corporate garbage...I still love the fundamental part of my job. So it's hard to disconnect. But I am trying. :-)

Have a good night everyone!
<3 Honor

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