Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 25: Really? Almost a month?!

In 5 days I will reach my one month mark! I'm actually pretty stoked about it! I have never done this well with a weight loss venture. Something I just realized is that on Day 30 I will get to weigh in! And I'm really hoping to reach my first goal that day!!! I only have to lose 2.5 pounds this week to reach it! That sounds easy...except for the fact that this is Christmas Week!!! But I am confident that I can make it happen!!

Today has been a pretty good day so has gone well and I'm about to be leaving. I'm so superly lee duberly excited because that brings me one day away from my two week vacation!!!! Wooohooo! It sure can't get here soon enough! But I do have lots to get done over the next few days. One thing I have to figure out is how I'm going to navigate Grandma's house on Christmas Eve. I'm thinking of making a few healthy dishes and taking a pre-made salad from home so that I can monitor what I'm eating. The salad has 270 calories, and then I could do a little bit of turkey and dressing and just leave off the gravy. The sweets are the hardest part for me so I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do with that yet. I was thinking about having just a teeny tiny piece of a few of my favorites and then calling it a night. Yea...I think that's what I'll plan to do. See for me, I need a game plan. I can't just go in blind and 'Wing it' or I'll screw up.

Yesterday I went to dinner with my family with 1100 calories to play with. I had a 3-course meal and gave my included dessert to my daddy. I figured a guesstimation of the calories, while guessing high, and I'm pretty sure I stayed perfectly within my calorie goal. That made me a VERY happy lady, because I felt like I didn't 'cheat' even though I ate some really yummy stuff !

Today is one of my big workout days. 45 minutes at Ypump, and then an hour of Zumba. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!!

Thanks for reading my dear friends!
<3 Honor

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  1. Today was my second work party and the food was sooo good. I estimated the best I could and even added extra calories for good measure and I think I stayed under for the day... just in case I walked a little farther tonight. I'm gonna be happy if I just don't gain more than a pound this weekend. Everyone I talk to tells me I should just wait til after the holidays to "diet" but I don't just want to "diet" I want to change how I eat. I don't think everyone understands. Even though you warned me to stay off the scale I've still be compulsively weighing everyday and I think it is finally gonna make me a little happier tomorrow. I think my body is in shock from the first week. Well lots of prayers for both of us this weekend!