Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 31: Sickness is coming!

Today has been a rough day. I'm pretty sure I'm fixing to be dealing with a cold and I'm NOT excited about it! I work up with a sore throat and feeling achy so I know this week is going to be super tough...

As far as food goes, I had a great day! I made while wheat waffles for breakfast with sugar free syrup and had a big salad for lunch. I ended up having quite a few calories left at dinner time, so me and my hubby had dinner at Subway.

My workout today was really good! We did some circuit training and then of course I had my Zumba. :-) I'm really a little freaked out about my workouts after my vacation. I have been getting off around 5 every day and now I'm going to be working until 7. So no Zumba on the days I work. :( plus that will cut in to my personal training and my other workouts. So I'm going to have to regroup and figure something out:( boo!

Thanks for reading friends! I have a cake to work on that I have to have ready on Saturday.

<3 Honor

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