Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 21: O.C.D. And B.M.R.s Oh My!

It's hard for me to do ANYTHING and actually stick with it for an extended amount of time. I'm that person who starts lots of projects, but hardly ever finishes them. So that is really strange considering the fact that I have O.C.D.

A lot of people think that O.C.D. means obsessive cleaning disorder...or just someone who repeats things. Well it's actually obsessive Compulsive disorder and those two things are some common traits, but not the only one traits someone with the disorder might deal with. I personally deal with things like being terrified of natural disasters, and trains...well the hobo that could be on the train actually. The doors and windows HAVE to be locked, sometimes I'll get up in the middle of the night just to check. And I have this thing about "everything has a place it belongs" sometimes I'm really obsessive about it, and sometimes it's not as bad. It depends on how emotionally stressed my body and mind is. So I'm actually hoping that maybe I'll get just a little obsessed with working out...that would be nice...

We have SOOOO much going on this week! I am really excited about Christmas coming up because my vacation starts Christmas Eve and I'm off until a week after New Years. I already have lots of plans for those two weeks:-)

So one of my bigger challenges in this journey is not eating out. I would normally eat out for lunch every day while at work and then eat out two or three times a week for dinner. Now, it's Subway or home. That's a huge adjustment. I know that I had a huge problem with my eating out, but I really think that was another part of my O.C.D. When I go to a restaurant, I have my one favorite thing that I order every single time I go to that restaurant. It's a little weird, I know. Lol. But I could seriously name off every restaurant that I enjoy eating at and then tell you exactly what I would order. Ok, yea it's dinner all of my favorites are fresh on my brain and sounding yummy!! Not to mention that my husband asked me TWICE to go out to eat tonight! What is the man trying to DO to me. I was a good girl though, and politely declined...ok not so polite the second time. You see, eating out is actually a trigger for I have to stay away at ALL cost! And I can do that! This Wednesday is my sister's birthday and we will be going out to celebrate...I know that I can be good, I was good at Applebee's last I'm confident that I can handle it.

This week I am pretty sure my weight-loss is going to be significantly less than it has been, but that's ok. Because I have put in the work, I haven't cheated a single time, and I'm building the muscle my body needs to fight the fat. If I even lose 1 pound I'll be happy with it, because I know that the number is going down and not every week will be such a small nber. 3500 calories burned is one pound and I have burned over 5500 this week on top of the fact that my BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate), which is the amount of calories my body would burn if I did absolutely nothing and stayed in bed all day, is 2200. So if I'm eating 1500 calories or less a day that's a 700 calorie dividend plus whatever regular activity I do, PLUS working out...see, I know my stuff! Lol!! If I did just that every week, I should lose three pounds or more a week. But I'm doing MORE! So it's going to go down folks! It just HAS to!!

Thank you so much for your support in my journey! And if any of you have started weight-loss journeys of your own, like my good friend, Olivia, then good for you!! She lost 6 pounds this week!!

Thanks for reading my friends!
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  1. Awww you included me in your blog :) I feel special! I'm super excited about my 6 pounds but I know it won't be that high every week but like you as long as I get one pound down I'm gonna be happy! I put on my size 16 jeans the other day and even though I would not go in public in them (talk about skin tight) I was able to pull them up and button and zip them! I am seeing a difference and it is exciting! I'm really looking forward to your weigh in this week! Here's to us staying strong through the holidays!