Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Special Edition: Pictures of my Smart Food Choices & Calorie Counting

This is a beef eye of round steak, with green beans and a small baked potato with Salsa (a yummy low-cal alternative) and the whole dinner was 480 calories!

 This is Chicken Tenderloin on brown rice (I cool the rice with chicken broth instead of water so tastier) with broccolli, carrots, and sauteed mushrooms. And this whole plate was only 255 calories!!
 These little things are my Hero! Put a little spritz in your water and you have a tasty zero calorie drink.
 This was my home-made pizza fix :) I just put some blended up tomato on the bottom with some seasoning to make it taste like tomato sauce. With cut up Turkey Slices, Mushrooms and fat-free shredded Mozzarella on Joseph's Pitas (I'm not a huge fan of the flavor, but it sure cured my craving) Weighing in at 350 calories
 This stuff has been on almost everything I eat! It has a light buttery flavor and Zero calories, so I use it as a spritz on my brocolli, pan spray for cooking chicken, or shrimp, or beef, or when I pop up a 100 calorie bag of popcorn at night for a snack, I spray this on for a little more flavor. Yummy!
 This is sauteed shrimp with some garlic and herb spice from McCormik, broccoli of course, and a small potato with a half serving of fat free sour cream, and a whole serving of salsa weighing in at 266 calories!
 This is what I like to call my Turkey and Mushroom Scramble! It's really yummy! All it has in it is 3 egg whites, seasoned with Dill Weed (this stuff really makes it tatsy!), and a little bit of garlic powder, and then diced up slices turkey, mushrooms, and fat-free mozzarella cheese. With the broccolli and carrots it's only 296 calories for the whole plate!

This one is one of my favorites, simply because it's a ton of food and VERY low calories! And it's a way for me to get a variety of veggies in a way that I like them, because I'm really picky otherwise. This is an Oriental Stir-Fry (it comes in a BIG bag in the frozen section at Wal-Mart) with 3oz. of boneless skinless tenderloin and a side of baby carrots, and weighs in at only 225 calories!
 This one I am particularly proud of because it's a really delicious spin on something that could be a diet-no no...Taco Salad! The 'shell' is 20 Light Sour Cream Pringles (100 calories), and then there's lean ground beef (4oz) seasoned with some Oregano, Cumin, Chili Powder, and Garlic Powder, so it has a nice 'Taco meat' flavor, and then lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, fat-free sour cream and topped off with some fat-free cheddar cheese. This one weighs in at 361 Calories!
This is a really nice hot tea, that will settle a sweet tooth AND a sore throat! The fat-free coffee mate says a serving is 4tsp. for 50 calories, so I cut that in half and enjoyed a 25 calorie hot tea that was DIVINE!

I hope these ideas give you an idea of some good choices you can make and enjoy! I plan to do this every now and then to share some of the tasty combinations I come up with that are good for ya, but still have some flavor! And I'm no chef, so Anybody can make this stuff!

I track all of my food intake on and I use the iPhone app for convenient tracking while I'm at work and even while I'm cooking! (they have a barcode scanner, so I just scan stuff as I put it one my plate) If you are on there send me a friend request to Username: honorwarren

Thank you for Reading!!
<3 Honor

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