Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 26:Vacation & why is she looking at me!

I am officially on vacation! And I'm terrified… It will definitely be a challenge to make it through the holidays, but also to do well with exercising on my vacation. I actually plan to exercise more on vacation since I won't be active like I am at work.

Okay so something has been bothering me that I wanted to share with you. I hate it when people watch me eat! And over the last few weeks I've noticed a lot of people watching me eat! What's up with people these days? That is just so rude! And of course I'm the one that notices more because it already freaks me out... Last night I got Chinese food with my sister, and while she was in the grocery store I was eating some of my dinner, and this little girl in the car next to us was staring me down like I was was eating one of those 6 foot long subs or something!! I would just peer over at her and give her the evil eye and then go back to my dinner...and lo and behold, when I'd look back she'd be staring me down like a cheesy taco! So I was just wondering if anyone else deals with that weirdness or maybe it's just me. :-)

I did 30 minutes straight on the Arc trainer today and it although I was still tired and very much excited to get done so I could leave and go on about my was noticeably easier. The first time I went upstairs to the arc trainer, I did 10 minutes, and when I came back downstairs, in seriously thought I might trip down the stairs because my legs felt like jelly! And when I came down legs were tired for sure, but they didn't feel like jelly!! And I felt like I had total control over my body!

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