Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 52: Wowzers!!!

Today has been a GOOD day:-) I survived 4 hours at the gym! And burnt nearly a pound!! A pound is 3500 calories for those of you that aren't Biggest Loser buffs :) And I burnt 3300!! I almost felt tempted to hop on the elipticle until I burnt the last 200, but I just couldn't do it... I am super proud of myself though!!

The beginning of my workout, Cindy, my trainer, had us walking laps. I'm always terrified of walking because if my plantar fasciitis. But I did it. Two laps at a moderate pace, two laps speed walking, and two laps jogging. Yep I said it. Jogging. ME....jogging!!!! And I did that 6 lap set twice!! And then we walked 5 or 6 more laps... Then she got me on the Arc Trainer for 30 minutes, and then I did two full hours of Zumba. That last 30 minutes I thought I would really be sick. But I pushed through and survived it!!

I'm ending my night with a nice meal at Subway, because I had to many calories left so I'm having me some yummy Sun chips with a turkey sub and I actually got cheese this time (which I NEVER do, because I can swear that you can't taste it with everything else) and even though I've eaten two 200 calorie bags of mixed nuts an eaten really well all day...I still ended up just under 1500 calories! Wow. So now that I'm stuffed...I'm going grocery shopping.'s the best way to do it!!

Thanks for your support and encouragement!!
<3 Honor

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