Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 62: More Salt Please!

I realized that yesterday I said that I started with eating under 1500 calories and working out as often as I could, but I never followed up with the changes I've made along the way. In the beginning, I wasn't really concerned at all about what I ate. I was more concerned with eating under 1500 calories a day and not eating out anywhere except for Subway. I have a big problem with eating out. And I like to eat stuff that is terrible for you. So I stayed away for the first few weeks completely and now I try to only eat out once a week.

So that philosophy worked really well for me for the first few weeks. And then my weightloss slowed down DRAMATICALLY. So I had made a deal with myself, that I would continue doing what worked, until it didn't...and then I'd make the necessary changes. I slowly started eating healthier foods and at this point I'm having to eat pretty stinking healthy most of the time to see continued results. And I MUST see results. It is imperative to my success. Even if it's only a part of a pound. I know that your body fluctuates and that's ok, but if a few days go by with nothing...then I go into freak out mode until I see a difference. I want you to know, that on occasion, I still eat garbage. (That's what I call processed unhealthy food) but I have to be EXTREMELY careful! Because that stuff that I used to eat daily without really much thought at all...those foods taste even BETTER now that I rarely eat them. My two things that I give in on occasionally are Cooler Ranch Doritos, and Three Musketeers Bars. A big bag of the Doritos is 300 cal and it's somewhere around that for the candy bar too. So I can work it in to my calories and not kill my calorie intake for the day.

Something that is really hurting me right now is Sodium. I've had to really cut back because my body is using it to retain water and it has been UGLY the past few weeks! But hopefully I've survived that for now. And let me tell ya...I love salt! I love foods that are salty and I like to add to much salt to things. I actually bought some 1/2 salt that has half the sodium (hence the name) to help me cut back, but I think I use twice as much of that stuff! But I am doing a really good job at cutting back in the sodium most of the time. Today...not so much!

Have a good night!!
<3 Honor


  1. I have a problem with sodium because of my prepackaged foods I eat. Matt and I were talking just the other day about salt and how since it is white you can't tell real well how much you are putting on your food so his dad or someone had the idea to make salt orange so you would know how much is there. I'm thinking this could be a good marketing tool for the diet world :)

    1. The problem with this plan is that salt dissolves quickly! LOL so it would just dissolve into the food and you'd still overuse it. :) I think I'll stick with my half salt ;)