Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 65: Weigh-In Number Nine

This morning was probably the most anticipated weigh-in since the first one. I've been off of the scale more this week, because all of the water bouncing up and down stuff makes me a little crazy. Last week I weighed 300.8, which left me barely missing a couple of my goals! To lose 50 pounds and to be under 300, which just so happen to only be a pound apart! So I get on the scale and....***drum roll please*** beep, beep, beep, beep etc. (hehe that's for you Olivia) beep, beep 299.2!! **Oh yea, it's my birthday, not really, but we're gonna party like its my birthday...** ok enough of my victory song (and dance--you just couldn't see that part, it was pretty silly looking anyways!)!! I am in 2Dur land!! Lol, it doesn't quite have the same ring as 1Dur land, but to my ears it sounded great!!

I texted Cindy, my personal trainer provided by the Y for the Fitness Challenge, and she had to call cuz she was so excited for me!! I love that woman! She's in her late 50's or 60's (I honestly don't remember), but she has the strength and determination of a 20 year old! She is absolutely precious to me, and I haven't even seen her in well over a week because she's been sick:( She may not be able to train with me more than once a week, but she is also the instructor of the Ypump class I go to, and she texts me through the week to see how things are going. She's training three of us for the Challenge and says that I'm the one she worries about the least. I LOVE THAT! I love that my determination is so visible to her! And she's like my own personal little cheerleader. :)

So, I am 1/3 of the way to 1dur Land and I'm stoked!! I know I can do it!! And the never failing support of family and friends makes the journey do much MORE to me! I spoke with a woman last night who has victoriously overcome obesity, but not in the same euphoric state that I have been able to work in. She had her own daughter hindering her progress, and I'm sure other people deal with similar issues and I am SO THANKFUL for each and every one of you who support me day in and day out! I write this blog for me. And to be accountable to me. And to help anyone who might learn anything at all from my journey... I now know of TWO FRIENDS that have decided to choose change, and I think they are wonderful, beautiful women now, I can't imagine what this journey to a lifelong transformation will do to them! Olivia and Vickie, I literally have tears in my eyes right now thinking of how my soul baring honesty in this blog has touched both of them in their own unique way and encouraged and inspired them to choose a path that leads to a happier, healthier quality of life. I sincerely wish you both tremendous success!! Olivia is well on her way already having lost more than twenty pounds!! And I know Vickie is well on her way too!! I would love to hear of anyone else who had decided to make a change! I track my daily caloric intake using www.myfitnesspal.com and I would be happy to receive a friend request from you (username is honorwarren) and if you're not already my friend on Facebook please add me! You can use my e-mail to find me at honorwarren@yahoo.com, and be sure to add a personal message telling me that you've read my blog that way I know who you are :-)

I can't believe how far this journey has already brought me in such a short amount of time!! And I can't wait to see what I learn while losing the NEXT 50 pounds!!

Thanks for coming on my journey with me :-)
<3 Honor


  1. You made me tear up too! Can't wait to see you Saturday!

    1. I am excited to see you too! I just wish I wasn't going to be stuck at work!! :) Love ya girly!

  2. Ha ha 2Dur Land. Love it! You are doing great.