Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 61: Honor Speechless...oh yea!

I was speechless this morning...which is very VERY seldom. When I wake up in the mornings, out of habit, I always check my phone. It's my link to the world, and I'm nosey. So I wanted to see what was going on. When I pulled up my Facebook notifications there it is. Sean Anderson (my main source of inspiration) tagged you in a post. What? He talked about me? Ooooh what did he say!! So, with excitement I clicked the link. He was congratulating me on making it to my 60 day mark!! Wow. He is very likely the busiest person I know, and he not only noticed that it was my 60th day, but he took time to congratulate me AND post a link to MY blog on his wall!! Yea...I'm start struck. :) he's an AMAZING author with an awesome story and he is keeping up with my journey! TALK ABOUT PRESSURE!! Haha!! I'm just kidding...but I do love it! It's just tht much more motivation that I can pull from on a down day or when that stupid scale and I are in a fight.

So, I gladly welcome my new readers. I hope you'll take some time to skim through my journey up to this point. I am, by no means, as phenomenal a writer as Sean. But I put my heart and soul out here for my blog to primarily keep myself accountable, but also to help anyone who can identify with my journey or learn anything from it.

As some of you know, I'm in a fitness challenge at my local YMCA that still has six and a half weeks left. I'm trying very hard to WIN! That's the plan. I started out with just eating under 1500 calories a day and working out as much as I thought I could handle and still be able to make it through my day. I work full-time as a photographer and then make cakes and do photography on the side. So I'm a pretty busy Chica. I Kind of feel like I'm proving that even if you do have a very busy lifestyle, you can still make time to take care of yourself along with the rest of your responsibilities. It is, by far, not easy. And I actually take quite a bit of grief from some of my friends and family from not having time to go visit with them or hang out. But, the truth is, this is probably the most important thing in my life right now. And if I don't get my obesity under control now...well things could get really stinkin ugly. I've been extremely blessed so far, to have not had to deal with a lot of obesity related health concerns. So I am not trying to take that for granted any more!

The Ironman Challenge may kill me, or at least my poor sore toosh from all the spinning. But I know if I complete this, I will FEEL like an Ironman. :) so far, today is the 5th day f the Ironman Challenge and in that length of time I have walked/jogged 10 out of the 26.3 required, biked 38 out of the 112 required, and swam 60 laps out of the 85 required! And I have 9 days left. The bike/spinning is the hardest because I am sooooo not used to those tiny seats!! And it's hurting me pretty bad! But I'm fully confident in the rest of it. The walking/jogging is a challenge because of the Plantar Faciitis I have in both feet, but it has actually not been as bad as I thought it would be!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!!
<3 Honor

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