Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 54: Little Devil On My Shoulder

Because of my little disagreement with the scale last week, I've really buckled down on my eating. Mostly trying make as healthy of decisions as possible and trying to keep my sodium intake down too. What I have that you an eat a TON of healthy food for 1500 calories! I am seriously stuffed all day long! Actually I've been having issues with eating enough to get my calories in. And I have to be VERY careful with that because I have a sneaky little brain! Whenever I look and see that I have a lot of extra calories left my brain starts going, "oh, we can have that 3 Musketeers bar today, we have plenty of calories" or "let's go ahead and get a buzzard at DQ!" NOOOOOOOOOO! Yea...that's not my brain! That's the devil on my shoulder trying to ruin this for me! So, I flick him off of my shoulder and go home to eat something healthy. That's just the way I roll these days! And the scale is starting to agree with me again! I'm really excited about that!

After my four hour workout the day before yesterday I woke up pretty sore yesterday. So when I went to my regular Ypump and Zumba last night, I really thought that I might be able to work out some of the soreness and start feeling a little better. NOPE! I'm still sore as crazy! I think that's the part that stinks the most about pushing yourself. Because, on one hand, I love the soreness! I know that it means I'm doing something right and my muscles are growing from it! But on the other hand, I don't like pain! Most people don't. And it makes working out quite difficult when you already hurt!

I'm having to overcome quite a few aches and pains during this process. My right knee started bothering me a few months before I started this journey, and then of course I've had the plantar Faciitis in my right foot. Now I have it in my left foot, and am having some issues with the right side of my hip. I hate that...because all of those aches and pains make it easier to give in to my whining body and 'skip' a workout or not do it with as much intensity, and that's just not going to work for me!! I HAVE to get this weight off! And even though I would love to be able to lose a pound every day, my body just isn't about to let me do that! So I'll keep on chugging along and doing my best, and that's something I can be proud of!

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