Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28th, 2016: One More Day!!!

That's right folks, only one more day until this girl is officially on vacation for 9 whole days!! I'm soooo excited!!! We will leave Monday for St. Louis, so I will be spending the weekend getting my grocery shopping done and doing my food prep, and then packing and cleaning and blah, blah, blah. My brain is going 1,000 miles an hour right now trying to make sure I have all of my bases covered!

I don't know if I told you guys this or not, but I joined yet another Diet Bet. The second one that I joined ends on Monday and I'm only 1 pound away from winning that one. I joined the third one for 2 primary reasons. #1...the pot is over 100,000 so the winnings will be bigger, but also because it runs right through my I feel like it will motivate me to make smarter decisions. I'm SUPER stressed about behaving while I'm there. It will be very easy to sneak in some bad decisions and I don't want to go backwards...heck I don't even want to stay still! I want to LOSE weight on my vacation. Does that make me crazy? People do that don't they? I sure hope so!

I had a nice & busy day at work today. It went by pretty quickly and then it was time for the gym, of course. I went to Zumba as usual. My sis joined me so that was great. About halfway through the class we had done a bunch of songs in a row where turn in circles and I don't know what happened, but my sister turned pale and just about got sick. It freaked us out. Zumba is hardcore FOLKS! Lol. She said she hadn't eaten much all day, and then she ate right before she came.

So after all that drama (haha) we finished Zumba, she was a real trooper and finished it out and just skipped the turning. The instructor was cracking me up! She would yell what our next move was and she would shout, "TURN" then look at Elizabeth and say, "No not you, I'm watching you!" LOL!! It was super funny, but you could tell that she really cared and was worried about her. I think the instructors are always afraid one of us fat girls are gonna hurt ourselves! Lol We are literally the biggest girls in the class and we may have to modify moves here and there, but we do it!

After Zumba we did leg weights just to add to the torture and we met this girl that has lost over 100 pounds! She was truly inspirational and SUPER nice!! It's always uplifting to meet people who have been where we are and overcome and achieved their goals! I just love it!

I finished my workout in the sauna and then headed home. I made Petite Sirloin Steaks today and all I put on them was salt (I use Kosher salt-less sodium) and the Strawberries Steak Seasoning. They were sooooooo amazing!! I had 8 ounces and could have ate another one! Lol. Jamie always ruins my masterpiece and he did so today. He cut his into tiny pieces and put it in his salad. What a waste! Lol!!

Alright, that's all I've got! Y'all have a super fantastic Friday tomorrow!!!

Here is the breakdown of my food choices for today:

PB and Banana Smoothie is back! Lol & a Nutrigrain Bar = 460 cals

Turkey Sammy half, Cottage Cheese, Baby Dill Pickles, Fresh Cantelope = 354 cals

Afternoon Snack
2 boiled eggs = 136 cals

Petite Sirloin Steak, Balsamic Mushrooms, Side Salad = 530 cals

That puts me at 1480 calories for the day and it was a great food day. Thanks for tuning in!

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