Monday, July 25, 2016

Junly 25th, 2016: A New Week

I'm tired and cranky and I really don't like it!! I can't stand being a jerk. I know, it sounds crazy, but when I'm in a bad mood, it makes me mad, which just puts me in an even worse mood. Am I crazy? Yea, probably so, but what am I going to do about it! Lol
Even my smile looks fake, lol. 
I had a busy day. One of my co-workers is on vacation again, and it makes the office life extra crazy. Plus, you add in the fact that it was Monday, and it is seriously like, "Who Let The Dogs Out" in there! I felt like I was rushing to get everything done, and then running out of time before I knew it.

After work I headed to a super quick (like 10 minutes long) trip to the Chiro and then off to the Y. When I pulled up, I saw my sis AND my cousins, and my mood was suddenly lifted! No working out alone today! Yay....but....then we went to Zumba and it was SUPER packed, and before I knew it, all three of them left and went to workout on the machines. :( I was so sad, but Zumba is how I get the best burn. So I stayed where I was. Afterward, I kind of wished I had. I only burned 650 calories in the whole hour. We did a lot of songs I didn't know and it was hard to get in to.

After that I found my deserters, lol, and we went to the sauna to gab and sweat. It was a good time. My muscles felt much more relaxed. Then I headed home. I keep trying to work on my time management. I swear, it's like I'm going & going, and before I know it, it's too late and I don't have enough time to rest! Ugh! What is a girl gonna do? I feel like I'm at the point where I can push a little more at the gym, but I literally don't have the time. I'm constantly getting home at 8, cooking dinner, and writing my blog and then it's 10. I just really have to work on this.

Well I'm gonna get off of here and take my cranky booty to bed and hope for a MUCH better attitude tomorrow. ;)

Here's the breakdown of my food choices for today:

PB & Banana Smoothie = 340 cals

Half Sammy, Doc's Chili, Cottage Cheese = 462 cals

Protein Shake & Yogurt = 155 cals

Chicken Caprese & Broccoli = 469 cals

And I'm about to have some Wild Strawberry Froyo! = 80 cals

That puts me at 1506 calories for today. Right on target! And that's all folks! You guys have a wonderful day tomorrow. I'm going to enjoy my day off from the gym. :)

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