Saturday, July 30, 2016

June 30th 2016: Crazy, Busy, Never-ending Day

As the title says, it's been a long crazy day. I started my morning with sleeping too late...rushing to get ready and make a smoothie, then out the door for Zumba. My sis rode with me and we got there just a smidge late. They were just starting when we went in, Yay for not missing any. After the hour long class, they went over a tad, which always makes me happy. I'd do it for 2 hours on the weekend if someone would instruct it! Lol! So they practiced a few songs at the end and I think I got 10-15 minutes extra, woohoo! I also came out of class and did another 20 on the Eliptical. I ended up burning 1500 calories at the gym today, woohoo!!! Then we went to warm up in the Sauna. Haha...and then showers since I was headed to Rue to try on that dress.

No makeup day, so silly Snapchat filters had to do! Lol!!

Sadly, the one I had my eye on was still too snug. I thought I was totally up a creek because I had tried a ton of dresses on before and it was the one that came closest to fitting. BUT, to my pleasant surprise we found a little black, cocktail style dress that fit perfectly! Yipee!! I now have a dress for the Gala!! Whoop whoop!! That just made my day!

So now that I am all set there, I was having a great day! I headed home, and blabbed on the phone for almost an HOUR with one of my fell Younique sisters! Lol, She is going to Convention too, and I'm just trying to work out some details and stuff so that things will run as smoothly as possible. I was SUPER stressed about my baby Pomeranian (she's not really a baby, but at 5 pounds, she will always be my baby). I booked a pet friendly hotel, but they have a stupid policy that you can't leave your dog in your room during the day if you aren't there, EVEN if they are kenneled. What the crap? Who takes their dog on vacation with them and is allowed to bring them everywhere? they are just stupid in my opinion. DUMBEST policy EVER. I understand them not being allowed to roam freely in the room. That's a given. But this policy is ridiculous. So...we have a plan. We really didn't want to leave her at home, because she will stay under our bed and stress out the entire time. She does not do well without her momma. She won't eat or drink right and I'm scared to leave her that long for fear of dehydration. So.....she will stay with her daddy while I'm at convention. And she will go with us Monday and Wednesday. If we both have to go somewhere she will stay in the car with it locked and the air going. Tuesday we plan to spend the day at the Zoo, so she is going to a doggy daycare for that day. They are just going to keep her in a kennel with food and water, and I think that's best for her. So that's one more thing taken care of that makes me happy.

After we got all of that squared away I went to the store and got everything we needed for our trip (hopefully). So I headed home to cook dinner. I bought a rotisserie chicken, so I shredded that and make BBQ sandwhiches. I used these Sara Lee Sandwhich thins that are like a burger bun, but super thin and all wheat. They aren't amazing, but if you toast them and put some butter spray (zero calorie), they are fine when used with very flavorful ingredients, a.k.a. shredded chicken with BBQ sauce. :)

After dinner, I totally forgot about my blog for a little bit, and started going through my clothes trying to decide what I'm going to wear while we are on vacation. The "team shirt" that I'm supposed to wear to our opening ceremony is snug. A lot. The largest size they had was 2x, but I love it. I'm going to see if I can find a body squishing body suit tomorrow at Cato, and if not I WILL find one in St. Louis. Lol!

So that's about it. I've got over 16k steps today and still have some things to get done. How exciting!! Let me wrap this up and I'll see y'all tomorrow for my weigh-in. Fingers-crossed that it isn't a total train wreck!

Here's the breakdown of my food choices for today:

Pb Banana Smoothie (I will miss those while we're in St. Louis!) = 340 calories

Egg scramble (3 eggs, turkey breast, tomatoes, mushrooms, & cheese) = 362 cals

BBQ Sandwhich, Green beans, corn on the cob = 603 cals

That puts me at 1305 calories, which means I burnt more than I ate today! Woohoo!!

And that's all folks! Have a great day tomorrow!

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