Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 108: Got my hair did :-)

Today has been a comfortable level of busy-ness so far. ;) I actually got to enjoy breakfast with my honey. I made us both some Oatmeal and Turkey bacon and he had scrambled eggs with cheese while I had scrambled egg whites. It was super yummy!! We really don't get to eat together much unless it's at a restaurant, because he is not about to adopt my healthy eating ways!! So it was really nice to have a meal with him for once! After breakfast we spent a little bit of time of 'Spring cleaning'...I swear at this rate...we'll be 'Spring cleaning ALL SPRING! Lol

I went and got a haircut today :-) I'm very happy with it! I'll post a pic at the end of my blog tonight. My sis met me at the salon and went to eat with me and then I had a Senior Shoot to do. It went really well! The girl I shot was super cute and I can't wait to get them all edited and posted to Facebook!

After I wrapped up my session I had to rush to the Y to get to Spinning class! That class kicks my butt!! It's definitely a hard core class! I actually only stayed 30 of the 45 minute class because I knew I was gonna do two hours of Zumba tonight! And let me tell ya...I was really having to PUSH it tonight!

After my workout I went shopping with my sis. :-) I love getting to spend time with her! She's fun and is working towards a very similar goal as I am. It may be for different reasons, but its really nice to have someone to be able to do this journey with that lives in the same town as I do! We don't get to do all of our workouts together, but we do a lot of them together and I like to think we help motivate and push each other :)

It's LATE and I wanna play with these Senior pics for a bit before bed so I'm outta here!
<3 Honor

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