Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 119: Stronger than Yesterday

It's like my body knows its Sunday and decided ahead of time that I wasn't doing anything today! Lol. I woke up feeling sluggish and still tired! That's no fun! And it kinda made it hard for me to get up and going this morning! But I had to get up because I had to go to church and then to work!

My days was pretty in eventful today. I made healthy eating choices and I got a good 30 minutes in on the Arc Trainer at the Y on my lunch and then after a VERY busy evening at work, I went to the gym with my momma (and Daddy came too!) and got in another 20 minutes on the Nordic Track, and did a bit of weight lifting. I need to get my wrists and arms feeling stronger so I can do push-ups!! I need to get some muscle in my body because the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns naturally. :-)

I had a good visit with my cousins after the workout at the gym and now I'm home, tired, and ready for some rest to survive the day tomorrow!!

Good night!
<3 Honor

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