Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 115: After...

I've been thinking a lot today about after the competition ends. I know that the competition is NOT the reason I've been successful. I am. But the extra boost of knowing that I was completely accountable to another person sure did add some extra pep in my step!

The whole reason I started this blog was to help keep me accountable. I wasn't to worried about the four months of the competition because I'm competitive! I knew from the moment I even Heard of the competition that I would do EVERYTHING in my power to win.

I've had to work extra hard because of my medical condition that makes it ever harder for me to lose the weight. Many women have polycystic ovaries and are successful at weight loss and many women who have it battle with weight loss and fail too! I didn't want to hide behind a medical condition or genetics anymore!! Those were JUST excuses!! Nobody ever said that having PCOS made it Impossible to lose weight...just difficult. Well I was up for the challenge! And the competition just provided me with a starting point. I still have a really long road ahead of me.

I have plenty of small goals along the road that I can celebrate, but in the end I have an ultimate goal that I will fight every day for until I reach it!! I have 135 more pounds to lose. And if I continually lose at the rate of 2 pounds a week, that will take me 68 weeks to achieve. That would be a year and tree months. So, because I know that I may not lose at that rate the whole time, I'm fully expecting to get it done in a year and a half. I turn 30 in 15 months and my number one goal is to be below 200 when I turn 30. I'm POSITIVE that I can do that! I will actually be running behind on my ultimate goal if I Don't make that happen. I should be In wonderland by this time next year :) I can't even fathom that!! And I can't wait!!

My current weight is less than I remember being over the last 4 years!! I don't know exactly when I ballooned from the 230's to 286, but it happened pretty fast. I really feel like I'm on a roll! The crazy cravings are still in full effect. I'm planning a real cheat day for right after the end of the competition ends. I know some people don't relieve in them, but I'm doing what I feel is right for me. And if I don't eat some Of the things I've been craving I fear what the outcome might be. So I've made the plan, Cheat day on Saturday. I am going to a 2 hour long Zumbathon that day, so I will still be getting some good Cardio in, but my calorie intake will be pretty high. One day. That's it. Then it's back to business.

I'm getting ready to head to a 2 hour long practice run for the Zumbathon do I'm gonna go for now. Talk to y'all tomorrow :-))
<3 Honor

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