Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 112: Anticipation

Tomorrow is the meeting where we'll all weigh in and I'm nervous! I don't know why though, the Fitness Director at the Y informed me that the News person that was supposed to cover the story never returned his call so he said they aren't coming. Boo. I don't quite understand why we are having the meeting Before the final weigh-in...I think that they should have done the meeting as the very last day so they could announce the winner, but I'm not running the show, so that's not my call. Lol.

Today was alright. I didn't get to go to church because I had to open this morning, so I was gonna let the trainee close the studio, but no one showed up at the Cape studio so she had to go cover it which made it to where she had to leave my studio and I had to close. Boo. Lol oh well it didn't hurt me, I'm only working a half of a day tomorrow so I can go to the Y and workout a little before the meeting. I'm hoping it doesn't take to long do I can go to Zumba afterward!

After work tonight I got to enjoy dinner with my sis at Subway :-) And as always, she was good company! My hubby is on Cloud 9 with his new car and I'm happy for him. He deserves to have a nice vehicle. I love my car, so now we're both pretty stoked.

I'm headed home to change and go workout with my momma! Have a good night and I'll tell ya all about what happens tomorrow night. :)
<3 Honor

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