Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 122: Late Dinner

Today was a crazy busy day! I started out by going to pick up one of my besties, Barb, and then we went to Bloomfield to get my car inspected. Well they said they didn't have time to do it so I had to drive all the way to Dexter to get it inspected! Then we went to Elements in Sikeston and got Barb's hair cut and her eyebrows waxed! She looks Great!! And then I had to drive to New Madrid to
Get my personal property taxes paid (yea, I know...I'm late, lol) and then it was back to Sikeston to get the tags for my car! I was so glad that I packed a sandwich and some baby carrots for lunch! By the time I ran to drop Barb off and then stopped by the house to get dressed for working out, it was already almost 5 and I was running late for Spinning class!! So I hurried up to the gym to get there as close to 5 as possible!! I came in to class, and there was my Cindy. :-) He is the GREATEST!! She had even texted me earlier in the afternoon to make sure I didn't plan on slacking ;) I'm so glad that she still plans on keeping me on my toes even though she technically isn't obligated to anymore. That's just how awesome she is ;-)

I survived spinning and then headed to Zumba for two hours. It was a loooong workout! My left foot is telling me about it right now! Lol.

After my workout, Elizabeth and I went to Walmart to get some grocery shopping in and then I headed home! I didn't get dinner until 10!! There wasn't much I could do to help I have to make sure to stay awake for a few hours because I try to not go to bed until at least two hours after my last meal!

Have a good night!!
<3 Honor

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