Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 113: So That's how it's gonna be!

Today was a crazy day. I couldn't really think if anything else but the meeting tonight. So I was VERY unproductive! Not good. But at least I only worked 4 hours! I just didn't know what was going to happen and it was making me crazy! So I got up earlier than I ever do, got a shower and straightened my hair (that is a lot of work for cute hair!) and went to suffer at work for four hours...lol! It wasn't that bad at all..and I had packed my lunch so I could eat it on my way back to town. I had to think that through because it needed to be a 'light' lunch so it wouldn't weigh me down on my weigh-in! I went with a turkey and (fat-free)cheese sandwich, with baby carrots and cantelope....I'm really diggin me some cantelope! I can have a really nice portion for only 80 calories! WOW!

When I got to town I had a mission....I was wearing the same outfit that I was wearing on Day 1, when I took my 'before' picture and I wanted a really good comparison shot...so my wonderful sis-in-law agreed to come to the Y and be my photographer (she was the first time too) and I got me a good 'during pic' :) I'll attach it at the bottom.

So after I got my pic I ran home to throw it on Photoshop so I could get a good side-by-side. And then I got in to my workout clothes because I was determined to make it to at least one Zumba class no matter how the meeting went.

So the meeting ended up being an informative thing for the Fitness Director...he wanted to see how things were going with us, he wanted to know what we liked and disliked about the program, so he could make it better for the next time they do it. So we did weigh-in that way we have our weight on record, but we can weigh again on Friday to could any pounds lost between now and then...I think he has me down for 64 pounds lost...I really wanted to make that 70 pound mark by the end of the competition, but I just couldn't get there...but I did do really well and will be hitting that 70 pound mark before ya know it! Oh how sweet 100 will be!! I can't WAIT!! I still have enough to lose that I really wish they would start another program now!! LOL It's great inspiration to help me get motivated!! At least I have all of you out there reading my blog and keeping me on my toes ;)

Well, I made it to Zumba! I did just over an hour and a half and I was just to tired and hungry to continue. So I left the second class a bit early. And I am now at home and exhausted since I got up so early and went to bed way to late Last night!!

Talk to y'all tomorrow!
<3 Honor

No where near done....but happy with the results so far...

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  1. You are doing great! I love the comparison pictures and I love reading your blog. Keep up the fabulous work. :)