Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 123: Squat Nazi!

I don't quite understand how it is that I can have two days off and feel like I didn't get anything done that I wanted to! I did get quite a bit done, but I just had this big ole list in my head of other things too! Lol

Today, I went to town with my honey and took my granny some half salt, She has really high blood pressure, but she really like her some salt too!! So I convinced her to try the half salt because it tastes just the same as the regular stuff to me, so I was hoping maybe it would help her cut back on her sodium a bit!! So that was a really good excuse to swing by and see my granny ;-)

We also went to see the woman who owns our house today because she is selling her house in town and it's a whole lot nicer than ours (and in town) so we were going to see if there was any chance that we might be able to get it. But that was a no luck kind of trip. Boo.

By the time we made it back home, it was already lunch time, and I had a super yummy lunch. Lol. My sis says it was an odd combo, but hey, it was Good! Doc's Chili, Green Beans, & Cottage Cheese. Oh yea ;-)

After lunch I got a little done around the house and then it was time to go do a senior shoot! Those are my favorite! The shoot doesn't take to awful long and seniors are usually pretty awesome to work with :-) and this senior shoot was not unlike the others I've done, quick, fun, & and pretty simple!! The perfect recipe for a successful shoot!

After the shoot I had to jet to the Y to get to Ypump :-) Cindy busted our BUTTS today! Lol. We did about 500 squats and then we did a few more! I was really wishing I had remembered to bring my knee straps with me! They REALLY help with my knee pain from all of the exercise! So I was super sad that I didn't have them! And then in Zumba we did even MORE squats!! Lol Cindy and Kaci were the freakin Squat Nazi's today!! But I survived it!

For dinner I went to our new Italian restraint with my sis, and I was super proud because I only ate half of my dinner :-) Then I spent my evening editing Senior Pics! So yea...long day!!

Good night!
<3 Honor

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