Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 118: My First Zumbathon!!!

Today was pretty stinking great! I got up at a pretty decent hour...I was still feeling the effects of my extremely poor eating choices yesterday, so I had to wait a while before I could eat my daily Oatmeal :)

I put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear to the Zumbathon, and I actually did a lot of work to try to get a "cute" outfit. I'm kind of in between sizes at the moment. So yesterday on my lunch break I went to the mall and was going to get some incense and just for fun I went into Old Navy...they have the sleeveless ripped tees and I can wear their 2x's in those. So I got me a bright pink one, primarily because it was on sale and I love me some PINK! haha, so anyways, I decided to try on another really cute shirt and it ALMOST fit! I mean, I could get it was just to tight! LOL so it was on sale too and I went ahead and grabbed it.
After I got my incense I decided to see if I could wear anything at Penny's because if Old Navy's 2x almost fit, then maybe Penny's 3x would fit....this is me coming from a VERY tight 4x...and guess what?!? IT DID!! Pants AND shirts! And they have a way better selection that Sikeston Penny's...I really wanted a pair of capris to wear today, but I can't do the kind that have the lose bottoms...they just look like high-water pants on me! LOL, but I didn't find any :( I just really wanted to wear something I felt good in and that didn't bag off of me.

I ended up picking out of some clothes I already had at home, but they fit well so I was comfy! I went to the Telethon early because my Avrie was on TV! She's the precious daughter of a good friend. She was interviewed on the Telethon because she goes to the Kenny Rogers Center and she absolutely adorable. :) That little chick can melt my heart!

The Zumbathon was 2-4 and it was pretty fun! It was confusing (I knew it would be!) without the mirrors that I'm used to watching the intructors through!! I kept getting stuff backwards, but that's ok, because a whole bunch of other people did too! And the sun was shining 75% of the time so I got me a nice soft sun BURN! LOL!!! Mine wasn't anywhere near as bad as my sisters, but it was enough to have me getting the chills all night!

My momma showed up about halfway through to show her support and that really meant a lot to me, because I really didn't think she was going to come! And then my good ole' buddy Olivia came too! She did her first 5k this morning with another friend and stopped by to see me on her way through. And since I'm pretty sure my momma loves her as much as she loves me and my sis ;) She was pretty happy to see her too! We went and got a bite to eat afterward and had a nice visit.

Afterward, I got all cleaned up and went back to the telethon to watch the Telethon Idol...there were a few that were pretty good! It was fun! And then my sis and I met up with some friends and they had a few drinks while I did what I'm best drinks for me! I don't really care for the taste of alcohol anyways, but I'm not into that stuff at all, but I definitely enjoyed the company and we had some very nice conversations about fitness and training since almost everybody there worked out at the Y! Haha it was fun...

Now my day is over and it's even after midnight and I'm sooooo tired!! Tomorrow marks the beginning of the work week and I am watching the district for my DM while she is on vacation. I'm sure it will be a VERY stressful week! The company is starting something completely ignorant this week, so I'm sure it will cause some serious mass chaos! We'll see how it goes!

Goodnight Friends!
<3 Honor

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