Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 109: Shoo-wee!!

I'm getting antsy! I know the end of the Challenge is right around the corner and it's making me Crazy! I want to get some extra workouts in, but I honestly don't know if I'll get much of a chance!

On Thursdays I usually do Ypump and Zumba, but today is a little different. Our small group bible study is meeting at our new Italian Restaurant for dinner at 6, so I had to work out early today. So I went to the gym thinking I was going to really push it and get a lot of cardio in. I had about three hours that I could spend at the gym and had every intention of using all of them to my benefit. I started out with 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer and I did a tougher program than I've ever done. It really kicked my butt! So I decided I was going to walk some laps so cool down before I went downstairs and do something else. Well...I walked around the track a couple of times and then I decided I was going to walk half and jog half...and I DID! I did it for 15 minutes. Nothing huge, but it made me feel GREAT! And I ha d my heart rate going crazy! After that I was pretty stinkin pooped so I decided I was going to take a short break and then jump back in...

Well during my short break (which became half an hour) I became insanely nauseated and I just couldn't kick the feeling. I gave up and decided I had to go home. And no sooner did I walk in the front door did that nauseated feeling Really do what it threatened!! Yuck!!

So I ended up taking a short nap before my dinner date instead of burning a ton of calories. But I felt weak and pretty awful, and I knew if I didn't, I would end up not being able to go anywhere. After my nap I felt a whole ton better and got up and showered and off to dinner.

Dinner was fun! I wish Jamie was able to come with me to Small Group...I'm the only person there who Never has their spouse with them. It stinks, but Jamie's schedule isn't flexible like that. His most common shift is 3pm to 9am. So that means he misses a lot of stuff.

Bible study was great as usual and I actually got home at a decent hour. I'm still feeling a little Oogy so I'm hoping some good rest will be the cure. :-)

Sweet Dreams my friends
<3 Honor

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