Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 117: Weigh Day number Sixteen

Ok so I know I usually do weigh-ins on Tuesdays, but because this week was so crazy with weighing in on Monday for the Y thing and then today was a final weigh indie them, I thought I would tell yall a nice update today!

When I got on the scale at the Y this morning it said 282, that means I lost 4.2 pounds since last Tuesday! I was 2 pounds shy of the 70 pound goal, but hey, I gave it 110% and I got 4.2 pounds. I'm not sad about it! I will hit it VERY soon! And I'm ok with that!

I had my first Real cheat day today, and I feel like Crap! Lol! That's what I get, I moved it to today because I thought it might be a bad idea to combine with the Zumbathon! Oh me! My stomach is churning and I need an antacid!! Ok, I don't like cheat days anymore! But hey, maybe that will curb my appetite for future cravings!

I'm keeping it short tonight, big day tomorrow! I'm excited to see how it goes :)
Oh and I found out today that we are having a meeting Tuesday to officially announce the winner! I'm praying that that's me!!

Sleep tight!
<3 Honor

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