Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 114: It was a Toughy!

Man today was a hard day for me! I don't know if it's a mind game my brain is playing with me since we weighed in yesterday or what, but wow that's unacceptable! I was craving everything bad!!

I still made pretty good choices with just a few bad ones tossed in. I had my regular oatmeal for breakfast and my sister and I went to see our parents in Bloomfield today and I knew we would be there during lunch time do I decided to make sandwiches and take them with us that way we weren't starved when we got home or end up eating something we shouldn't.

Our visit was very good. I love my daddy and I know he's most likely never going to be like he was before he got sick. So we just have to enjoy the new version of him. I never thought I would miss all that talking he used to do, telling the same old stories over and over again...but I do...I miss it a lot. It's like we have part of him here with us, but part of him died when he was sick. That's hard. But I live him with all of my heart and will enjoy every minute I am blessed to have him here on earth.

When we left the parents house I made a pitstop at my good friend Barb's house and she hooked me up with some Iris's. Yay! I love the kind of flowers that do their own thing and you don't have to mess with them!! Pull some weeds around em, and Bam! Pretty flowers. :-) So when I got home I had to have my hubby help me get those planted and then it was time to head to the gym.

I actually got to the gym late, so missed my Ypump. :( Boo! I ended up getting a quick warm up in on the Elipticle and then heading to Zumba! I mentioned before that we've had a guy from the radio show up, and he's been coming a few times a week to practice for the Zumbathon. Lol. What a mess that man is. It cracks me up and REALLY makes me wanna get my hubby to come! I think it would be fun!

I ended up having pizza for dinner. Ooooh. Hehe...not regular pizza though ;) Veggie Delight Pizza from Papa Murphy's. I love that stuff! And three slices is right under 500 calories!

I posted that updated pic of me that I put on here yesterday and let me tell you, my Facebook BLEW up. I was utterly humbled by the amount of people congratulating me!! It was crazy! And every time I post an update like that I get messages like crazy asking me how I did it or what I do. So I'm thinking about posting a special edition again just kindof lining out what I've learned and my philosophies on things. I'm all about helping the next guy/gal. :-)

Have a good night!
<3 Honor

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