Friday, August 26, 2016

August 25th & 26th, 2016: It's A Two For One Special!!

Well, I didn't get to write my blog yesterday. My internet was off when I got home, and by the time I figured out what was going on it was too late to write my blog. So here I am on Friday, writing two blogs in one.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day for me. At work that is. It was a smooth day with no surprises. After work, I headed to the Y for a quick workout. I just walked a little while, and then I headed to my mom and dad's house. I went to give her a pedicure, because she had to see the foot doctor today, and she was a little embarrassed. Who wouldn't be? We always want to look our best when someone is looking at us. My poor mamma has so many health problems right now, it's hard for her to take care of herself, let alone my dad, who has to have assistance as well. Needless to say, she works her butt off, and is in pain all of the time. It breaks my heart to go to her house, and see her walking with a cane because her knee is bothering her that bad. I can only imagine how much her normal life is a struggle for her right now. Luckily she went to the doctor for that today as well, so hopefully they can find something that will help her feel better.

After spending some time visiting with my daddy, I went into the living room to help Mama out. I think we had a good time bonding and laughing and just being together. Daddy did inform me that having my hair pulled back I didn't do any favors for my Attraction! LOL leave it to him to be brutally honest. But, he did tell me he could tell I was losing weight now. It's amazing what a different shirt and a week can do to one's perception.

I got home late, had a quck dinner and went to bed at a decent hour.  It was wonderful! Lol

So, I woke up today nice and refreshed and ready to take my Friday head-on. And that's exactly what I did. It was a wonderful day. It wasn't void of stress, especially since we are having a little bit of issues getting everything to match up at work because we changed the way we were doing things. But it wasn't so bad.

After work, I headed to the gym. I sat in my car for a bit to work on some online parties I have going right now, and then follow-up with a few customers. They left me feeling wonderful when I headed in to the gym. OH and I also got to try the NEW Light Vanilla Monster Java coffee drink today! It only has 100 calories in the whole can and it was SOOOO tasty!!  I think I even like it better than the Mean Beans!

Anyways, so I had a nice surge of caffeine and I was ready to put it to WORK! I started out walking as a warm-up with no clear goal in sight. I just knew that I wanted to get some cardio in and burn some calories! So I started at a leisurely pace and then a few laps in (it takes 13 to get a mile), I decided to walk as fast as I could at a pace I felt I could keep up. I hit a half of a mile in 11 minutes and then decided that I wanted a mile in 20 minutes. So I started booking it. LOL. I hit the mile mark just a few seconds after 20 minutes! Score!! I then hopped on the Arc trainer. Thanks to that caffeine, I decided that I had the energy to do some intervals on there and the most amazing thing happened! I do one and half minutes at a moderate pace, and then I do 30 seconds and the fastest pace I can manage. Back and forth for the time that I'm on there. Today...when I was doing the fast part, I MAXED out the speed on the machine! LOL That has NEVER ever happened before. How cool is that!? I was feeling like a dang Beast again! Haha

Workout Fun!!

My cousins showed up while I was on the Arch Trainer and when they got done with their Eliptical work, they came up and walked with me. I did another 10 minutes, which put me at a whole hour of Cardio without Zumba. That feels pretty big to me. I burned over 1000 calories and I was feeling on top of the world...with jello legs of course... haha. So I came down to the weight section and stretched out really well, and then I did legs. The TORTURE! After all of that cardio!! LOL. I hit another milestone there too! I tried the Linear Leg Press where you pretty much lay down with your feet in the air and you push upward with the weights. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but was slightly afraid to because it puts a LOT of pressure on your knees. Well I did it. And you would NOT believe how much weight was on that puppy! I did 2 sets of 10 on 408 pounds!! Sheesh! AND that was AFTER all that cardio AND after I had already done a bunch of reps on all the other leg machines.
30 minutes of torture Complete! Haha

I promised to start sharing my weight training stuff with you, so here goes:

Seated Leg Curl - 3 sets of 10 on 90 pounds
Hip Abduction - 3 sets of 10 on 200 pounds
Hip Adduction - 3 sets of 10 on 220 pounds
Seated Leg Press (full legs) - 3 sets of 10 on 200 pounds
Seated Leg Press (toe raises) - 3 sets of 10 on 100 pounds
Leg Extension - 3 sets of 10 on 80 pounds
Linear Leg Press - 2 sets of 10 on 408 pounds

So, needless to say, I killed my workout tonight. :) Then I hung out in the sauna for 15 minutes jabbering my head off to my cousins and then we called it a night.

I came home and warmed up some Doc's Chili for dinner (thank God for easy dinners on leg day!!) and here I am. :)

Here is the breakdown of my Food Choices for the past two days:


PB Smoothie = 210 cals

Turkey, cottage cheese, baby carrots, celery, veggie dip, string cheese & yogurt = 432 cals

Fried Okra, Boneless Skinless Chkn Tenderloins, broccoli, corn on the cob = 564 cals

1206 cals for the day. Good work. :)


PB Smoothie & a small banana = 286 cals

Turkey, cottage cheese, baby carrots, celery, veggie dip, string cheese & yogurt = 432 cals

Light Vanilla Monster & Rice Crackers = 220 cals

2 servings of Doc's Chili = 324 cals

Which rounds out today with 1262 calories. Whoop, Whoop! One more day to pull of my 3 pound loss for this week! I feel like I've totally got this in the bag, but we shall see! Thank you for tuning in to my crazy life! You know I love you guys!! :)

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