Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27th, 2016: Pics with a Bestie

I had a CRAZY night's sleep and I had pretty much got up when Jamie left for work which was around 6:30. I think I actually got out of bed at 7, but still earlier than I had to, I just couldn't sleep. I bet I only got 2 or 3 hours of good sleep last night. So, I started out ok. I got some housework done and then headed to the Y WITH MY SISTER (FINALLY), lol, and we got our workout on. She has been fighting a sinus/cold mess for a few weeks and she still wasn't top notch ready to go. She came in to Zumba and was coughing her head off. The ladies kept thinking she was overworking herself and she got a little annoyed because she knew it was from being sick.

Afterward, Elizabeth just really wanted to try the Leg Press thing that we did last night. So we went in there and put her to work. Lol. She did the same as me, and I was telling her that even the 408 wasn't THAT bad, so we decided to throw another 45 pounds on both sides and see if we could do it. For the record...that's 498 pounds. And we did it! Both of us pulled off 2 sets of 10 at 498 pounds. I really think I could pull off a little more, but I'm scared of injuring myself!

So, when we were done playing Muscle women, we headed upstairs. She decided to walk since she was still very congested, and I hopped on the Arc Trainer for some more Intervals. I thought that the only reason why I maxed out on speed last night was because of the caffeine rush, but NOPE, I did it again today! Woot woot! I maxed out on speed every single time I did the high intervals. I was pretty proud. I did 20 minutes on there and then walked for 10 to hit my 10k steps. A new record for me was 10k steps before 11am.

I was so happy to achieve that! Afterward, I headed to the sauna. I was feeling a little congested myself, and the sauna helps to kindof clear all of that gunk out and just makes me feel all better.

We headed back to the house after that and I kind of hit lazy mode. I did a little laundry and watched a little TV, ate lunch, and then I had myself a little beauty hour, lol. I did a Deep Sea Mud Mask, and a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, I exfoliated from head to toe, then I did a new Mask that Younique is adding to their Fall launch this year that was AMAZING! It's supposed to re-oxygenate your skin and holy cow it felt so cool! It got all foamy and bubbly and afterward my face was as smooth as a baby's bottom! 

After I got done being a girl, I got ready for an in-home photo shoot with one of my besties and waited for a customer to come by and pick up her makeup order. Then it was time to hit the road. I drove about 50 minutes or so to my friend's house and set up for an indoor baby shoot. We had tons of fun doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Lol. She got a little Pinterest crazy last night and found all sorts of fun stuff for us to try. We were having a good ole time, but the baby protested. Haha!

When I left Oliva's house I felt like I was about to gnaw off my own arm. I was starving. Lol. And I was craving Taco's soooo bad! My sister tried VERY hard to talk me in to going to eat Mexican for lunch and I just couldn't do it. I try really hard to keep my calories low during the day because the night time munchies will do me it! But after thinking about it all afternoon. I had to have some!

So I had Jamie meet me in Poplar Bluff and we went and had some dinner. It was wonderful. I ate too much and left with a stomach ache. I wonder if I will ever learn to control that urge to overeat when there is something available that I absolutely love. I seriously need to figure it out. Because I ate way more than I had to, to feel satisfied.

So here I am, at home. Feeling guilty about what I ate. I'm afraid I'm going to pay for it on the scale tomorrow, but we shall see. Either way, I enjoyed dinner, and if the scale is not my friend tomorrow, it wasn't for lack of effort this week. I pushed more than I have in a long time. I kicked butt. If one night of Mexican Fiesta throws me off, so be it. 

It was a great day overall. I had a good time, I got plenty of steps in and I burned a ton of calories. 

Here is the breakdown of my food choices for today: 

PB Smoothie = 210 cals

Ham & Cheese Roll-up, Pinto Bean Chips with Avocado Dip, and fresh sliced Tomatoes = 444 cals

Small Banana = 76 cals

3 Hard Shell Beef Tacos, half order of rice & beans, 12 tortilla chips with salsa = 726 cals

That put me at 1456 calories total for the day. Not horrible, but a couple hundred higher than usual and my protein was way to low and my carbs were WAY to high. So boo. But, I WERKED for it! Lol!! Goodnight y'all! Have a great Sunday and I'll see ya here tomorrow night to tell you how my weigh-in went.

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