Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22nd, 2016: Back at the Gym!

Well today, I felt like I did something right. I worked a half day at work since I had some extra paid time off left. It worked out great! This is the slower time of Month at work anyways, so it worked out perfectly.

At a little after noon I headed to the gym. I hadn't decoded exactly what I was going to do so I just winged it. I started walking to get my muscles warmed up. Next I did 15 minutes of intervals on the Arc Trainer, then I walked 10 more minutes and did 20 jump ropes between each lap that I walked. Then I did another 15 minutes of intervals on the Arc Trainer and finished off an hour of Cardio by walking. I was pooped!! I decided to go chill (or burn) in the sauna and then took a shower and headed home.

Once at home, I ate a late lunch and started getting ready for the fair. It was so nice to have a little break between work and the fair tonight! I needed it!

The fair was a little busier this time around. Barb was cracking me up! She did half of her face with makeup and half without. I came up with the idea to draw a big black line down the center of her face. Hilarious! She got some serious funny looks tonight!!

Here is the breakdown of my food choices:

Banana Smoothie = 236 cals

No Bake Cookie (oops) and a boiled egg = 180 cals

Multigrains and Veggies and Chicken, baby carrots and Cottage Cheese = 416 cals

Almonds & Popcorn = 200 cals

Doc's Chili & part of a Tater Pile = 443 cals

That's 1475 calories for the day. Not bad. AND I got over 10,000 steps today. So that feels like success to me! Good night y'all! THis girl is tired!!

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