Friday, September 23, 2016

September 23rd, 2016: Makeover Craziness

What a loooong day! This will be a short one because I didn't get a chance to write any of it at the fair and I'm exhausted and ready for Sleep!

I worked a 4 hour day again today. It was lovely. I wish I could work 4 hour days EVERY day. Lol. Who wouldn't like that? Especially if you could get paid to do that! Heck yea, where do I sign up!?

Anywho, work went smooth, I got the important stuff done and then headed out of there. I was ready for some workout. Who am I kidding? No I wasn't! Lol. My stomach hurt (yes, again) and I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed and stay there for the remainder of the day. But that just wasn't in the cards for me and I knew it. So I headed to the gym.

I started with 30 whole minutes on the Elliptical. I rarely do that because that machine is harder on my joints and I talk myself off of it after 15 to 20 minutes usually. But I was watching the Bold and the Beautiful, and the time really did go by pretty quickly. Next I went upstairs to walk. I started watching this new show called Bull, and after 10 minutes of walking, I thought I could watch it better from the Arc Trainer. Lol. So I did 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer. Well then I still hadn't hit my 7K steps for the day (I was aiming for 10K today) so I started walking again. I walked for another half hour and ended up with a little over 9k steps, which I knew I would get to 10k by that point so I packed it up and headed home.

Once home I had some lunch and watched today's episode of the Bold & the Beautiful. Haha. I was a little behind from being so crazy busy all week. It was nice to sit and relax for a bit. My sister came over while her boys were sleeping (we leave both apartment door open so we can hear since we are right across the hall from each other) and we ended up having a nice visit. So nice, in fact, that I totally forgot that I was cooking dinner for myself. LOL.

So now it was time to go and I had nothing for dinner. Yay for Subway! Haha.

Off to the fair I went. I was expecting a crazy busy night. Well it was busy alright. But not in the way I had expected. Our booth was pretty dead. So sad. But I got to see a LOT of friends & family today and that made it an awesome night! I also got to put on makeup for 4 people today and that was super fun. :) Two of those people were my besties daughters. I've been wanting to get my hands on them for a while. And we surely had fun! Plus one of my other besties brought her family out to the fair and I got to spent a lot of quality time with her too. My mom and day came out too and my dad was cracking me UP tonight. He was in a really good mood and he's always funny when he is, so we just had a good time.

I had a little bit of fair food today, not much, so I feel pretty ok about it. I haven't had a homemade corn dog and that's what I would LOVE to have, but I imagine it has about 600 calories in it, and I'm just not doing that! Lol.

I found me some super cute little divided Tupperware containers to use for my lunches tonight. I love building up my containers so I have some different options. I'm all about options these days! I've learned that I'm ok with eating the same thing for lunch all week, so long as I get a little variety in my dinner. And I'm growing tired of the same smoothies every day, so I may be changing those up soon.

Here's the breakdown of my food today:

PB Smoothie & a cup of coffee with a hot chocolate packet (I know, bad, but oh so good, lol) = 320 cals

Almonds = 100 cals

Multigrains with Veggies, chicken, baby carrots, 2 string cheese = 416 cals

Popcorn = 100 cals

6inch Turkey Sup with Provalone, about 1/8 of a Blooming Onion, and seriously one bite of Funnel Cake = 408 cals

That puts me at 1344 calories for today. I think I'm doing pretty darn good for being around all of that yummy fair food every day! It's torture! But I'm making it work. I really hope it shows up on the scale this week dang it!

Goodnight y'all! Have a great Saturday!

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