Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21st, 2016: Avoiding Temptation

Well I'll tell ya what. Today was pretty good most of the day. I had a good day at work. We were getting bills ready, which kept me busy most of the day, and that makes the day fly by.

I keep having to fight the urge to eat non-stop right now. I've noticed that it definitely comes in phases, but I'm in the 'Eat Everything' phase right now, and it SUCKS. Lol. I'm ready to be through this mess again for a while.  So if you notice my calories are little higher than usual, well then you'll know the reason!

I had to switch out that Couscous for more of the Multi grain stuff because I like it much better for SURE.

After work, I headed home to grab a few things and my dog seriously acted like she hasn't seen me in a million years. Lol Then I kept hearing cute little squeals in the back, and went out there to find my sweet little nephews having a blast. Lol. And of course, one of them needed to come chase my kitty cat! So needless to say, I got a little held up. I got my dinner ready for Jamie to warm up when he got home and headed to the fair grounds for night #2.

It was kindof a slow night. I guess because its a church night. But we still did ok. I was ready to go around 7:30 though. Lol.  I just keep thinking of what else I would rather be doing that sitting at a booth. Lol.

The temptations of this place are killing me though. Fresh Corn Dogs, Tater Piles, Blooming Onions, Funnel Cakes OMG. How am I supposed to survive?! This place is killing me! Lol. Ok so it's not that dramatic. But seriously, the temptation is rough, rough ROUGH!

Here is the breakdown of my food choices:

PB & Banana Smoothie = 286 cals

Multigrains with Veggies & Grilled Chicken, 2 string cheese = 390 cals

Greek Yogurt Mousse and 2 boiled eggs= 216 cals

Snack at the fair
Popcorn and baby carrots = 126 cals

Doc's Chili = 243 cals

So that puts me at 1261 total for now. Not as bad as I thought at all. So I'm gonna have me some Almonds later. Woohoo. Lol

*Disclaimer...I am writing my blogs from my phone this week since I'm at the fair, so that should explain any crazy typos. Lol! I felt the need to tell you guys. ;)

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